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Our company offers a unique assortment of residential and corporate property services.

Review details below and contact us should you wish to proceed booking a call, an online/in-person consultation or a home visit in South Florida.  


Project Management



Let us manage your projects! You'd be surprised how stressful renovations can be, especially if your current location is out of state. 


Our Project Management service allows you to see and track progress on daily basis, select your finishes with our experts right on video, and have your say pertaining to execution of work - all within the comfort of your current home.

We take the stress and worry away from you, and deliver quality on time and budget!

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Vacant homes generally take much longer to sell since over 90% of buyers are unable to see past the empty walls. Statistics show that beautifully furnished
and decorated m
odel homes sell faster.


  • $700-2,000: Apartments and basic homes/properties.

  • $2,700-37,00: Smaller homes with lower price ranges.

  • $3,700-6,000: Smaller homes with high price ranges. Medium sized homes with mid-price ranges.

  • $6,000 and higher: Medium sized homes with high price ranges.

Starting from $700

Interior Design



We love working on your interior spaces!


From going through your inspiration images, special requests and important items (such as a treasured grandfather clock, or fabric swatch that inspired you). 


Our staff is wonderful in the review of your space, measuring all important aspects, and thereafter - creation of mood boards and color charts to the determination of the usability of you space. 

Starting from $100

Marketing for Trades 



We recognize that Trades must grow clientele, and being in the space matters! We'll help you understand your needs and excel further!


  • Basic Package - we utilize your content to create a relevant Social Presence

  • Standard Package - we utilize your content to create a relevant Social Presence, engagement and monthly reporting on performance

  • Advanced Package - we create content, engage for conversion, and manage your social presence accounts with monthly reporting.

Starting from $600




Light, airy, inviting and ultimately - sellable. This is our driving force and our key words in capturing your property on digital photographs.


By utilizing professional photographic technology, along with lens capabilities, and fill lighting - we photograph your property and deliver a high-resolution property story to sell or host.


Our 24 hour turnaround service is always available, and we don't have any hidden fees.

Starting from $140
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